Le Zebra

2012 | Exhibition & Workshop | Lomography


Artist: UUendy Lau

Materials: Leather, Hair, Thread

Transforming “La Sardina” into “La Zebra”

The “L” shape of the camera resembles the neck and trunk of an animal and it catches my eyes. We choose ‘Zebra’ as its body proportion just perfectly matches the camera. Also, the anatomy of La Sardina can represent the core parts of a zebra: flash lamp as the head, strap as the tail, tripod as the legs, and we use a ‘hairy’ fabric with the signature pattern of black & white stripes. You may not know but Zebra is a very first member featured in our Animal in the 'Zuu' collection.


Lomography HK has invited 11 local artists and designers to design different styles of the newly launched La Sardina DIY Edition as an inspiration for the lomo-ers how to design their own La Sardina.

Participating Artists: Cowrice, Ekee, Eva Cheung, Daydream Nation, Graphicairlines, John Ho, Mandy Cat, Stella So, Stickyline, UUendy Lau

Station 1:

Date: 7 Sept - Mid Oct 2012 (Phase 1)

Venue: Lomography Gallery Sheung Wan, HK

Station 2:

Date: 1 Oct - 14 Oct 2012 (Phase 2)

Venue: PageOne Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, HK

Station 3:

Date: 15 Oct - 11 Nov 2012 (Phase 3)

Venue: Eslite Hong Kong, Hysan Place, Causeway Bay, HK


The design of La Sardina was very well received at the exhibition. Lomography HK invited us to run a DIY workshop on making the Animal Flash. DIY is an art of creation, innovation and personalisation. In the workshops, we will explore other possibilities of the use of the flash cover.

Date: 30 Sept 2012

Venue: Lomography Gallery Sheung Wan

Details: here


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Date: Sept 2012

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