Meeting the New Me

2022 | Exhibition & Key Visual | Re:Fresh & Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service


We are invited by Re:Fresh to present the exhibition Meeting the New Me and create a series of paintings and illustrations on emotional health. A few original pieces are displayed at Re:Fresh’s renovated healing hub in Fortress Hill, Hong Kong. The artworks centre on a short narrative of a kind, confident person who is going on different adventures in his/her everyday life and gradually growing into a new self of him/herself. 

The exhibition encourages the audience to start an in-depth dialogue with their own self and try to discover something new and bright in themselves. Created in a soothing drawing style integrated with nature elements, the artworks warmly remind visitors to understand their emotions and embrace their uniqueness. This is also our first time to work on a mental health project, bringing ourselves into a new journey of self-exploration.


“Meeting the New Me” Exhibition

Presented by Re:Fresh and Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service.
Curated by Poyan Yee.
Art and Illustration by UUendy Lau.

Jan – Jun 2022
22/F, Fortress Tower, 250 King’s Road, North Point, HK


To highlight the key stages in the process of knowing ourselves and emotions – Understanding, Acceptance & Accompany, three letters are composed in form of personal conversation between our inner and outer selves. They are printed and packed in envelopes for visitors to collect and read. The design hopes to offer a more private, intimate visiting experience for the audience to reconnect and rediscover themselves.


Dear Me,

Hey, how are you today? It’s so great to meet you!

You look puzzled. I guess you may have many doubts and questions. I just want to let you know that it’s absolutely normal. I used to think a lot and ask questions to myself all the time. Sometimes it is not easy. Try to calm down and do it at your own pace. Believe in yourself, and I’m sure you will find your way. 

We glow and smile like blooming flowers when we have good days. And there are times when we feel sad and tired, we lose energy just like the drooping flowers facing down. This is completely okay. Sometimes feeling emotions is one step closer to feeling better. :)

Remember, I welcome you and always will. Take care. 

Loads of Love,
The New Me


Dear Me,

You look fresh today! And I love your smile. You are so good as you are.

Do you remember last time someone said no one was perfect, and you replied everyone can be perfectly, uniquely imperfect? You have showed me how to love ourselves and embrace who we are. You also told me there is nothing to be afraid of and we can be honest to ourselves. I think it’s really inspiring and you’ve been doing so great! I am telling you this from the bottom of my heart. I’m so glad to have you. :)

Let’s have a big hug. Please hold me tight. Thank you for being and accepting the genuine you. 

Loads of Love,
The New Me



Dear Me,

I cherish our moments together. We have shared our ups and downs and we always support each other. I think it means a lot to both of us.


I love listening to you. When you whisper, I lean towards you so that I can hear every word you say. And when you speak up or laugh (or yell), I stay around and share your feelings. Sometimes you want a quiet moment, so we sit side by side, shoulder to shoulder, and we immerse ourselves in silence together. You have been a very kind talker and listener. I really enjoy our communication and I feel so connected with you. :)


I just want to let you know that you can always count on me. I will accompany as long as you want.


Loads of Love,

The New Me


A set of key visuals and illustrations on the theme "Meeting the New Me" are also designed to highlight the six core topics about mental wellbeing. They include personal growth, managing emotions, rest & sleep, relationships, health & exercise and work & money. Each visual contains an ‘opening’, be it an entrance, a window, a door, a hole and so on, that sophisticatedly connects all the daily scenarios emphasised in the narrative.  (The animation effect on Re:Fresh website is created by an external party.)

Managing Emotions

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Personal growth

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Rest & Sleep

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Health & Exercise

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Work & Money

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