MEME Museum by 9GAG 

2021 | Exhibition | MEME Museum by 9GAG 


We were invited by 9GAG and K11 Art Mall to do several illustration for MEME Museum by 9GAG, the first meme gallery and experience museum in the world.  

The drawings were presented as the featured artworks and installation in the exhibition, and a selection of illustrations was transformed into the visual elements of various merch and products, including board games, lucky cards, stickers and tattoo stencils.

Images of Meme: Photo courtesy of 9GAG

Illustration & Recreation of Meme: UUendy Lau 


MEME Museum by 9GAG

Date: 16 Jul - 5 Sep 2021, 12nn - 10pm

Venue: chi K11 Art Space, K11 Art Mall, TST, HK

Featured Memes: Wat Grandma, Confused Nick Young, Trollface,  I Know That Feel Bro, Forever Alone, Seal of Approval, 這些機會不是我的, Not Bad Obama Face, Overly Attached Girlfriend, 死雞撐飯蓋,   Crying James Vanderbeek, 繼續吹, 寡人笑X咗, Sequence of filling MTR, mong cha cha 


Meme: 這些機會不是我的

Meme: 繼續吹

Meme: Wat Grandma

Meme: Confused Nick Young

Meme: Seal of Approval

Meme: Not Bad Obama Face

Meme: Crying James Vanderbeek

Meme: I Know That Feel Bro

Meme: Trollface

Meme: 寡人笑X咗

Meme: Forever Alone