Little Pets

2013 | Special Edition | MilkB


We were invited by Milk B to design a new range of products for children. We came up with a series of animal accessories hoping to bring the lovely animals to children’s childhood. Ranging from bib, hair-tie, pacifier, backpack to tote bag, these products of the animal series for kids are created to facilitate parents to take care of the kids’ needs.

We paid extra attention to the details of the products. For instance, the leather Alpaca on the tote bag is actually a little front pocket for carrying small items (p.s. your kids may put a handful of sweets in it!). Also, the independently movable limbs of the Alpaca just add extra ‘cuteness’ to this quirky bag. As with the baby pacifier, the elephant brooch at the other end of the string isn’t only for decoration but usefully help parents attach the pacifier to the child’s top.

This collection is made exclusively for Milk B and Amelie Street.

Design: UUendy Lau

Material: Leather, Cotton

Pug Backpack

Alpaca Tote Bag

Giraffe Card Holder

PU Cat Bib

Elephant Brooch

Cow Bottle (carrier) Bag

Sheeps Hair Tie

Leather Deer Headband



Date: Jun 2013