2023 | Narrative in Web3, Art Direction & NFT | Animoca Brands & Mocaverse


We are engaged by Animoca Brands to develop and design the narrative and art visuals (which includes the OG characters and storyboard materials) as well as the entire NFT collection for MOCAVERSE, a Web3 project and membership scheme for the Company's community. 


Mocaverse is an imaginative story of five Mocas tribes: Angels, Builders, Dreamers, Connectors, and Neo-Capitalists, each representing the diverse yet complementary personas of changemakers living across four different realms. It is a membership PFP NFT collection of 8,888 unique beings that thrive in the Animoca Brands community.

8,888 Characters PFPs Of Mocaverse

The Mocas belong to 5 incredible tribes that are stronger in unity. They are empowered when they work together, utilising their special abilities to support others and contribute to Mocaverse with greater purpose. 

🚀 ANGELS (bored with halos and feather wings?) travel with jetpacks and sometimes open their third eye to look for new opportunities. They are keen to spot treasures and adventurous to explore Mocaverse.

🐙 BUILDERS, initially the only single-eye tribe that facilitates them to stay extremely focused on their passion projects with dedication, have grown (or built themselves?) more eyes to handle multiple tasks and extra arms to multi-task.

💭 DREAMERS always have something ‘weird’ in their heads, from pencil to rocket, filled with a whole universe of imagination and curiosity.

📺  CONNECTORS love meeting friends and are able to talk with different Mocas at the same time. They have antennae on their heads to make new networks and stay connected. They are always surrounded by friends and bring the community together.

🐳 NEO-CAPITALISTS, resembling whales and different kinds of marine life, are resourceful, generous and helpful. They support Mocaverse and the new distribution system with their experience and wisdom.

Imaginative Universe In The Mocaverse

In Mocaverse, Mocas travel and explore across four realms (imaginative universe) to make networks, seek new knowledge and grow as a community.

📚 Realm LEARN, a education institute built on Möbius strip, fosters discovery, idea exchange, learning, and non-linear growth in a limitless space for uniting Web3 insights.

🎪 Realm PLAY, a circus created out of a mega-balloon, offers games, entertainment and fun in a joyful environment where unique engagement surrounds us all.

🦄 Realm DO GOOD, a gigantic floating old tree nourished by its ecosystem, encourages contributions to society and protects our surrounding environment for a better future that benefits everyone.

🐋 Realm BUILD, obviously a high-tech space station, supports the next generation of dreamers and builders and connects with like-minded believers in Web3.


Project Owner: Animoca Brands
Mocaverse Team: Alan , Kenneth, Aaron, Hannah, Frances & more
Artists: UUendy Lau & Hinz Pak
Management (Artist): Joyce
Animation: eMotion Lab

Project site:

8,888 One-and-only-one Mocas

We have developed a broad range of attributes and traits to generate a full collection of 8,888 unique Moca beings.  Each belongs to one of the 5 tribes - Angel, Builder, Connector, Dreamer and Neo-Capitalist

Some make themselves tailor-designed muscular suits  or wield custom-built tools that give them limitless power. Some others simply hop on special vehicles (or even the flying dolphins) to travel and explore around in the Mocaverse universe.

Do you know there is a Zen-Moca? And have you heard of the Surreal-Apple-Moca who may be one of the most creative artists in Mocaverse? Let’s take a quick look at some of the rarest and most viewed Mocas.


88 Personalised and Stylised Mocas

We also designed the Honourary Mocas which were given to founders of Animoca Brands' operating companies. Each is created to encapsulate the essence of the individuals. It is a bespoke masterpiece, intricately crafted to reflect the distinct personality of its owner, from corporate products that resonate with professional identity to subtle nods to cherished hobbies and interests. 

The Honourary Mocas are the original Mocaverse collection obtaining "grandfathered/ grandmothered" status eligible for creator royalties. They are dynamic representation of one's multifaceted identity. They include founders of various Animoca Brands companies and partners, department heads, and Mocaverse team leads. 

Honourary Collection:

(Artists of Mocaverse - UUendy Lau & Hinz Pak)

Digital Art Fusing with Tangible Expression

The Mocaverse collection extends beyond the digital realm, offering a range of curiously-crafted items and products for the Mocaverse community. From tees featuring the project's signature logo, to three-eye eye masks that serve as a whimsical accessory mirroring the distinct characters of Mocas, the merchandise lineup is a celebration of fun and diversity. Other items including stickers, name cards and keychains are also produced allowing users to bring a piece of digital narrative to their daily, physical life. These tangible tokens hopes to connect the virtual and physical realms in a playful blend of art and lifestyle.


Below are some of the behind-the-scenes and early trials at the beginning of the creative process. For instance, Angel had a thumb-up head, Neo-capitalist was a mountain and the biggest among the 5 tribes, and Connector was a plant!?

We also imagined how they would travel across different realms in Mocaverse. Inspired by Hong Kong taxis and the Star Ferry, Mocas have hacked those classics into flying vehicles! 🚕⛴️ Animoca Brands is a Hong Kong company, and so we hope to infuse Mocaverse art with design features that encapsulate some of the essences of local and Asian cultures.

The following images offer a sneak peek into the intricate storyboard, unveiling the creative development and design process that brought our project promo videos for Mocaverse to fruition. 

Each frame is a testament to the thoughtful storytelling and artistic precision invested in translating the Mocaverse universe into a dynamic and engaging visual experience. From concept to realisation, the animation videos are testament to the dedication and passion driving our project's narrative forward, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the magic of our digital realm.