2021 | Label Design | NANA Aroma


We are invited by Happy Pretty Mom and NANA Aroma to design a set of bottle label for their Nurturing Baby Massage Oil collection.

We organised a few online workshops with NANA team and we came up with three keywords that communicate the brand personality and the concept of the oil collection - Love, Touch and Connect. The graphic features three animals, elephant, penguin and monkey, which are often associated with close and intimate bonding between parents and infants. Each animal is deliberately selected to represent a specific flavour and ingredient in the collection.

Monkeys (in pink) - Refreshing for day-time use (12m+)
Elephants (in orange) - Nurturing for newborns (0m+)
Penguins (in blue) - Relaxing for sleeping-time use (12m+)

To learn more about the baby massage oil collection: