2018 | Sound Performance | Performance Exchange Organisation (United Kingdom)


Date: 12 Jan 2018, 8pm

Venue: Goldsmiths, University of London

We were invited by London-based artists Yarli and Juls to participate in an experimental performance that explored sound, movement, electric matters and calligraphy.


Performance: Giligili

Performers: Juls Gabs (in yellow), UUendy Lau (in red), Yarli Allision (on screen)

Technical Support: Andy, Pete Jardine

Video: Fionnuala Kennedy, Lizzy Laurance

Several daily objects were randomly selected and then deliberately re-considered and re-constructed to deliver a set of sound device. The electric station, formed by a mixer, an oscillator and some other acoustic components, not only amplifies the resonance but also interferes the presentation of percussion and calligraphy improvised by the body movement. The demonstration challenges the accustomed appearance of ordinary things and transforms them into a tool, a platform, or even a new artefact with an alternative definition.


Performer/ Artist/ Maker: UUendy Lau

Materials: Wire, Metal Hinge, Tape, Stone, Trash can, Shell, Plastic lid, Wooden Panel, Concrete, Brass rings, Rice, Paper box, Popsicle sticks, Wooden box, Screws, Guitar wires, Cotton thread

Material Sponsor: Yarli Allision