The Moments of MIRROR

2021 | Customised Edition | MARC JACOBS


We were invited by MARC JACOBS to create a one-of-a-kind MJ Snapshot series "The Moments of MIRROR" inspired by MIRROR the famous Hong Kong Cantopop boy band!

Each visual is exquisitely designed to celebrate the unique personality, effort and character of the singer. We had given much thought to the theme before we started to draw on the Snapshot bags. We hoped the visual could illustrate some important moments of each singer, some elements that really meant a lot to them personally in the past few years.

This is a one-off creative project with MARC JACOBS and the bags are not for sale.


Some of the members from MIRROR:-

Anson Kong - Snail & Forest; 蝸牛 (Name of his song)

Ian Chan - Whale & Waves; 鯨落 (Name of his song)

Anson Lo - Volleyball & Pink; 神隊友 (Name of his song)

Keung To - Basketball & Sky (His favourite sports)

Edan Lui - Stars & the Universe; 小諧星 (Name of his song)

Jer Lau - Guitar, Thunders & Notes (The music instrument he plays)