The Ocean of Thoughts

2021 | Notebook | SINCE Concept Store


“Fish actually remember things longer than we think.”

Everyone has crazy, creative thoughts. Some people take actions and turn into great projects, while some just let them go away and become a hidden memory. Our brains are like the ocean that houses many of our ideas that come and go in an organic rhythm. Some concepts are bright and strong like fish and whales that run across in our head, some may not be so practical that they got buried down at the bottom. In most cases, the ideas are so lively’ that they slip away gradually if we don't 'catch' them in time.

In most creative processes, there's no definite correct and wrong statements. Every tiny opinion can be the key to delivering a well-developed proposal. Let's explore more ways to put down our precious ideas and adopt more playful thinking logics to organise our thoughts.

The Ocean of Thoughts” is a personal visual-wallet that supports all ideas and helps document your thoughts.

Designed by UUendy Lau

Presented by SINCE Concept Store

Specifications: A6; Fasteners Binding; 24PP content page + A6 Sticker page+ A4 Folded Pocket + A3 Folded Map

Printed in limited quantities.

Retail Price: HKD150 (Available for purchase at SINCE Concept Store)


1. DRAW anything you have in mind.

Let's start from the shape. You may use dots, lines, planes, surfaces and shading. Try to give as many details as you can. Pay attention to the pattern and texture.

2. COLLAGE to turn your dreams into reality

Organise your visuals in a creative, personal way that tells a story. Go with your artistic instinct. You may try to create contrasts - they could be colour, scale or even intensity

3. COLLECT things even they have a peculiar look.

Keep it safe so that you can show it to friends whenever you want to.

4. HIDE it if you want to keep it to yourself.

Encrypt your thoughts before they are ready to be shown to others. Write in codes, symbols or secret languages - anything only you would understand.

5. COLOUR your sketch and let it shine.

Warm colours can spark emotions associated with comfort, love and yet also danger and rage. Cool colours can give feelings of calmness, serious and sometimes sadness.

6. HIGHLIGHT the key-points so you don't forget.

Use additional tools to reinforce your ideas. Try memo notes, highlighter pens and stickers. No tools around? Simply circle or double-underline the key contents.

7. TRACE patterns before they disappear.

Follow the outlines but you may also create your own ones.

8. BRAINSTORM with friends and get messy.

Put down interesting (or crazy) ideas, make connections and create more.

“Put down whatever you think is great.”