Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Goodbye

2015 | Exhibition | The Print Market #01 | Ethos

(Video prepared by Ethos.)

We were invited to take part in the first edition of the PRINT MARKET - presenting the printed works, posters, and other products produced by nine Hong Kong based talented people and aiming to promote local and independent graphic designers, illustrators and artists.


We created a series of illustrations to share our experience and stories during our travelling journey in United States, Europe and our home town, Hong Kong.

  • Print 001: Good Morning, United States.

  • Print 002: Good Afternoon, Europe.

  • Print 003: Goodbye, Hong Kong.

  • Postcard Set (6 postcards): Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Goodbye

  • Postcard Single: Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge, Manneken Pis, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Minibus Public Transport, Signs Portland Street

  • Coaster Set (4 coasters): Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Goodbye


  • Unframed Print: 83 USD

  • Framed Print: 155 USD (Out of stock)

  • Postcard Set: 20 USD (Out of stock)

  • Postcard Single: 7 USD (Out of stock)

  • Coaster Set: 15 USD (Out of stock)



Date: 16th - 27th May 2015

Venue: Ethos Store, 99 Hill Road, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

Music Performance: Mousefx

Participating Artists: Emily Eldridge, Anna Gleeson, Lok Phoenix, UUendy Lau, Charles Munka, Toby Ng, Winnie Ng, Emilie Sarnel, Mads Westendahl


(Chinese Seal made by Sifu Ng. )

21 May 2015

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Date: May 2015