The Scandinavian Kingdom

2018 | Product & Workshop | TUMI @ Pacific Place, HK


Design & Production: by UUendy Lau

Client/ Commissioned by: TUMI

We were invited by TUMI to design an exclusive collection of TUMI x UUendy Lau Scandinavian Lodge Animal Charm for TUMI's pop-up at Pacific Place, a luxury retailing centre in Hong Kong.

The four animals featured in the special collection "The Scandinavian Kingdom" were selected based on their inhabiting regions in Nothern Europe. They include Icelandic Horse, Moose, Arctic Fox and Eurasian Bear. They are mainly found in Sweden and Denmark. The collection is a little companion of yours with the luggage on your next travel.

Animals featured in the special edition:

  • Icelandic Horse

  • Moose

  • Arctic Fox

  • Eurasian Bear


TUMI x UUendyLau Scandinavian Lodge Animal Charm Workshop

Date: 1 - 9 September 2018

Venue: Pacific Place, Admiralty, Hong Kong