Back to Nature

2012 | Exhibition & Workshop | UA Cinema Cityplaza


Zheer, a new initiative curated by UA Cinema, is devoted to promote an eco-life and supports local design. The organisation invited us to co-organise an exhibition. The show, named “Back to Nature”, features the 'Animal in the Zuu' collection made from old and leftover leather. Together with different specially-created scenes, the exhibition shows how the lives are suffering from different environmental disasters and wars. Also, it serves to raise the public awareness about our natural environment and especially the conservation of endangered species.

Date: 7 Sept – 15 Nov 2012

Venue: Art Gallery, 7/F UA Cinema, Cityplaza, Tai Koo Shing

With the surge in world's population and the development of technology, human's demand for acquisition of natural resources never diminishes and so does the destruction and harms that follows. Living in the concrete jungles, we gradually lose our connection with the environment and also neglect the importance of its conservation.

In this exhibition, we display various species of animals that are made from old and leftover leather. These 'reborn' animals, together with the different scenes we specially created, will show you the environmental crisis as well as the impacts of the wars.

The nature, the animals and the human are all interconnected and interdependent. We hope that this exhibition will raise the public's awareness about our nature and its conservation, especially the protection of endangered species.