Uncle Ben Coffee

2021 | Logo Design | Uncle Ben Coffee


We were invited by Uncle Ben Coffee to design a logo for his new beverage shop located in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.


Date: April 2021

Logo Design: UUendy Lau

Product: Uncle Ben Coffee

Ceramic Items: Raw Ceramics

Photo: Hinz Pak, UUendy Lau

Shop: Uncle Ben Coffee

Address: G102, G/F, 6-10 Sun Wui Road, Causeway Bay, HK


Ben is a local barista who has great passion for coffee and latte art, and has just opened his first coffee bar Uncle Ben Coffee near Lee Garden in Causeway Bay, HK.

It was Ben and Cancan's idea to have Ben himself with Dordor their lovely greyhound in the logo. We did a few options and eventually we both decided to have them looking at each other, portraying their strong family bond and hoping to share the ideas of connection and happiness with friends and customers.

When we designed the logo, we ‘secretly’ added our personal impression of Ben in his character drawing - a friendly, calm and determined barista who has great aspirations in his coffee project. We are so delighted to know the logo is extensively used on various products and packaging, from paper cups and coffee bags to bottles and even ceramic tableware! (Hats off to Raw Ceramics for making beautiful logo impression onto the ceramic cups!)